Tips and Techniques

This page is devoted to tips and techniques for improving your crochet projects. It is intended as a resource for beginners and reference for more experienced crocheters.


  • When crocheting in the round, make sure the side that you are working is the one closest to you so that the "right" side of the stitch faces out on the finished piece
  • When crocheting in the round, use a stitch marker to mark the first stitch of each row

  • How to make a larger size by adding stitches to a pattern 
  • This technique only works for patterns for which at least two sizes are provided.The alternate stitch counts for different sizes will be provided in parentheses like this: sc 10 (12,14). In this example, the difference in stitch count for each step up is two: (14-12=2, 12-10=2). Therefore, to find the number of stitches required for the next step up, add two to 14 to get 16. Do this for every spot in the pattern where alternate stitch counts are provided in parentheses. Do not change the number of stitches on the other parts of the pattern
  •  How to easily thread yarn through small button holes
  •  How to change colors when crocheting in the round with double crochet 
    • On the last dc stitch of the last round using color #1, change to color #2 halfway through the stitch; pull color #2 through the two loops on the hook after the second yarn over. Continue with color #2 for the slip stitch that joins the end of the round to the first dc of the round (this makes for a very clean color change)

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