I am not a naturally crafty mom who learned to crochet at age ten from my Portuguese grandmother. I never crocheted more than a simple chain until a year ago when I discovered the world of irresistibly cute crochet photo props. I taught myself to crochet using YouTube tutorials so I would have the power to make as many cute things as I wanted for my kids. After “plugging in” to YouTube and learning the basics, I felt like Neo in The Matrix when he opened his eyes after downloading the martial arts tutorial and said, “I know Kung fu,” but I opened my eyes and thought, I know Krochet.
My experience is proof that anyone can learn to crochet. I hope to inspire other “non-crafty” moms and dads to try crochet and experience the empowerment that comes from learning a skill that allows you to make virtually anything for anyone, not just your kids. This blog chronicles my journey as I learn techniques to improve my crochet projects and one day hopefully learn enough to start designing my own patterns. Along the way, I will share links to my favorite patterns, highlight my rookie mistakes, and share troubleshooting tips that I find helpful from a beginner’s perspective. Join me on my journey and let's learn together! 

Note: I started this blog with a purchased domain (www.iknowkrochet.com) that I later naively let expire, and which was snatched up by an ad squatter for almost two long years!

Update: I reclaimed iknowkrochet.com; back online as of 5/31/18!

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